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Large Spanish Colonial Santo of the Christ Child, Late 17th C.

DESCRIPTION: A fine Spanish Colonial carved wood figure (or santo) of the Christ Child. This devotional sculpture was sensitively and realistically carved with the Christ Child standing, looking slightly downward with his right hand raised and wearing a draping red robe tied at the waist. Images such as these were created as objects of devotion, playing a significant role in introducing and educating indigenous peoples in the Americas to the Roman Catholic Church, which itself was an integral... Click for details


Cuzco School Painting of Virgin Mary in Ornate Frame, 19thC.

DESCRIPTION: A fine Spanish Colonial Cuzco School painting of the Virgin Mary, originating from Cusco, Peru. Here Mary is depicted with a golden halo looking straight at the viewer, wearing a royal blue robe with gold floral accents. In her hands she holds the crown of thorns and nails; however her image is not one of sorrow but of great peace and serenity. The painting is enclosed by its original, reverse-slant carved and pierced frame, very characteristic of the elaborate carvings made by... Click for details


18th Century Spanish Colonial Santo, Virgin Mary

DESCRIPTION: An exquisitely carved Spanish Colonial polychrome figure of the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven standing on a cloud-form base with attendant angels, arms outstretched, gazing reverently upward. Her face is delicately carved and particularly beautiful. Dressed in elaborate gilt robes with long flowing hair, this figure is remarkable from any angle; a rare and magnificent Santo. CONDITION: In unusually good condition considering its age; most from this period have severe losses to... Click for details


Cuzco Painting, Arcangel San Rafael (Archangel Saint Raphael)

DESCRIPTION: A classic painting from the Peruvian Cuzco School, this stunning oil on canvas of Arcangel San Rafael dates from the 19th C. San Rafael is depicted with angelic face and a crown of roses on his head. The angel is dressed in boots and an elaborate traveler's coat with lace cuffs. From his left hand he holds a fish, which is the symbol of this saint. Wonderful condition; in a more recent burlwood frame; unsigned. Fine detail work and an excellent representation of the... Click for details


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