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Thai Cotton Weaving, Naenna Textile Studio  

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DESCRIPTION: A hand woven textile made from natural cotton with stitched embroidery using all natural dyes. The four section indigo colored background alternates with three woven white vertical stripes. On each blue panel, various naturalistic designs have been hand embroidered, such as fish, deer, flowers, running water (the zig zag motif), etc. The lower edge ends in braided tassels while the upper edge is hemmed. This textile banner originates from the Patricia Naenna weaving studio, located at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ms. Naenna is an expert in Lao and Thai textiles, and her studio encourages the continuation of traditional weaving techniques by indigenous people. DIMENSIONS: 39” long x 17 ½” wide.   Stock #TX24

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