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Pair of Hand Carved Burl Eagle Heads, Chinaberry Wood  

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DESCRIPTION: Two well carved burl eagle heads with fierce, proud eyes, hooked beaks and puffed, feathered necks. On the reverse of each you can see the highly intricate structure of the burl wood from which they were taken. This folk art artisan carver captured the majesty and essence of the USA’s national symbol, the Bald Eagle. The wood is from the Chinaberry tree which is native to Southern Asia, Australia and Oceania; however the tree was introduced to the American Southwest and Mexico by the Spanish settlers centuries ago where it flourished. The tree, of the Mahogany family, offered welcome shade in the sundrenched southwest, wood that was easily worked, and seeds that were used for rosary beads. Both carvings are in excellent condition, 20th C. DIMENSIONS: 4'' long x 2'' high x 3'' wide.
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