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Handsome Japanese Hibachi with Copper Liner  

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DESCRIPTION: A handsome Japanese hibachi, crafted from a section of kiri wood (paulownia wood) with rounded body and lacquer floral designs. Inside is the original copper liner where coals would be placed for heating or keeping a tea pot warm. Two large peony blossoms are lacquered in gold and orange on the front, with smaller leafed branches on the reverse. Paulownia wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant, and is often used in Japan for chests and boxes. Today Japanese hibachis are often used as decorative accents, attractive plant containers or for ikebana flower arrangements. Dating from the Taisho to early Showa Period (appx. 1920 – 1940), and in good condition with light usage wear. DIMENSIONS: 7.25” high (18.5 cm) x 9” diameter (22.8 cm).
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