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Blue & White Chinese Scholar’s Water Dripper, Qing  

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DESCRIPTION: One of the necessary calligraphy tools on the Chinese scholar’s table was a small container to hold water and drip it onto the inkstone for the purpose of mixing the ground ink. These small but important objects were crafted so that one measured drop at a time could be poured to ensure the proper ratio of ink to water while mixing. This bulbous blue and white ceramic dripper would have been submerged in water to fill, and then held between the thumb and forefinger with the thumb covering the small hole at the top to control the rate of drip from the spout. The dripper is covered with a white glaze that has crackled and filled in areas with a darker color (perhaps ink), and is hand decorated with a spray of blue flowers. Excellent condition and dating from the Qing Dynasty, 19th C. DIMENSIONS: 3” wide (7.6 cm) x 1 3/4” high (4.5 cm).
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