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Large Japanese Carved Wood Daikoku Mingei Figure, Meiji  

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DESCRIPTION: A large and delightful carved wood figure of one of the seven Japanese gods of good fortune, Daikoku, the deity of prosperity. Here he is seen in his traditional pose, standing on two bales of rice with his wish-granting mallet in his right hand, and a bag of riches slung over his left shoulder. Daikoku is also venerated as the deity of the kitchen where such carvings were traditionally displayed, sometimes in the ceiling rafters for good luck. A wonderful mingei piece, his happy expression undoubtedly means he has good fortune awaiting the buyer! In good condition with a few age fissures; Meiji Period, early 20th C. DIMENSIONS: 24” high (61 cm) x 10” wide (25.4 cm) x 9 ¼” deep (23.5 cm).

Mingei is a word meaning "arts of the people." It was coined by Dr. Soetsu Yanagi, through combining the Japanese words for all people (min) and art (gei). His keen eye observed that many useful, pre-industrial articles made by unknown craftsmen were of a beauty seldom equaled by artists of modern societies. This art shares a direct simplicity and reflects a joy in making, by hand, useful objects that are satisfying to the human spirit.

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