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Chinese Duan Ink Stone, Bamboo Form, Qing Dynasty  

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DESCRIPTION: A fine 19th C. Chinese ink stone, crisply carved in the form of a bamboo node with leaves at the top and root knobs at the bottom. A deep water well has been carved into the upper section. Natural inclusions, called "eyes," are highlighted within the duan stone's design, with one eye at the top carved to simulate the moon, and the other incorporated into the stone's grinding surface.

ABOUT DUAN INK STONES: One of the four treasures of the Chinese scholar's studio, the ink stone was revered as the soul of the scholar's implements. Duan stone is a favored stone for making ink slabs in China and is so named because the Duanxi River runs at the foot of Mount Fuke, where the stone is found. Said to be the best stone for making ink slabs, the stone is hard, fine and even in texture. Its surface allows ink to be easily ground, and the ink does not dry quickly

CONDITION: One small chip at the right bottom corner; beautiful surface with a nice, hefty weight. DIMENSIONS: 8" long (20.3 cm) x 4 1/2" wide (11.5 cm) x 1 1/4" thick (3.2 cm).

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