Chinese Porcelain Figures of Immortal Li T'ieh-kuai

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each or $190.00 for the pair<br /><br />
DESCRIPTION:  A pair of porcelain figures, each a representation of Li T'ieh-kuai, one of the Chinese eight immortals.  Li T'ieh-kuai  is always represented as a lame beggar leaning on a crutch with a pilgrim's gourd in hand.  The Eight Immortals are legendary beings of the Taoist sect who attained immortality and dwell in the remote hills and mountains of China.  Both of these figures date from C. 1900, with the larger one's inner base stamped with "China" in red ink.  Both are in perfect condition.   DIMENSIONS:   Smaller figure is 7 3/4" high (19.7 cm); larger figure is 9 1/4" high (23.5 cm).   <div id='rater_target1277981'></div>

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