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Navajo Eye Dazzler Rug  

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DESCRIPTION: A small Navajo rug made of handspun wool in an "Eye Dazzler" pattern of three vibrant, serrated diamonds on a bright red ground, enclosed with a double border of white and black. The Eye Dazzler, so named by early traders because of the intense coloring of the dyes, is a serrated design that was woven in multiple colors of bright aniline dyed yarns in the 1880 - 1890 period. Navajo Eye Dazzler weavings were influenced by the Mexican satillo weavings and the Germantown yarn weavings. This rug dates to the mid 1900's and is in very good condition with no stains, fading or losses. DIMENSIONS: 47 1/2" long (slightly over 1.2 m) x 27" wide (68.5 cm).
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