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Remarkable Chinese Minority Tribe Batik Jacket and Vest  

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DESCRIPTION: A fine two piece batik jacket and matching vest by the ethnic minority tribe “Ge,” a subgroup of the Miao culture. The Ge people live along the banks of the Chong-an-jiang River in Guizhou Province and are superlative batik artisans.

For this labor intensive creation, hot wax was applied to the thick cloth in geometric designs consisting of a background of “wheels” edged in wide linear borders. The cloth was then dyed in indigo, dried, and the wax melted and washed out to leave the design in white on a dark blue background. Brightly colored woven trim edged with gold thread has been appliquéd onto the vest and jacket, along with bands of plaid fabric. Both garments are finished with round, pewter-like buttons (no missing buttons). Photos show the garments both together and separately.

This ensemble is very wearable, and the two pieces can be worn separately, together, or hung as beautiful textile art. Photos don't do justice to this extraordinary hand-made textile. Excellent condition with no holes, stains or tears; between 40 to 50 years old. DIMENSIONS: The size is equivalent to adult medium: 51” from sleeve to sleeve (1.3 m) x 29” long (74 cm) x 25” across underarms (50” chest or 1.27 m).

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