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Vintage Native American Chimayo Rug  

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DESCRIPTION: A small, finely woven Churro wool rug from the weaving center of Chimayo in Northern New Mexico. The patterns on Chimayo textiles are creative masterpieces of design and color. This particular rug is of the "Rio Grande" style with white and navy bands running across a bright red ground. CONDITION: This C. 1940-1950 rug is completely reversible and is in excellent condition with no repairs, holes or stains; the fibers are thick and the colors vibrant. This size textile is commonly used as a wall hanging, area rug, draped over the back of a sofa, or as a throw at the foot of a bed.

CULTURAL BACKGROUND: Chimayo weavings have a rich cultural history; Spanish immigrant families of Northern New Mexico first began weaving in the village of Chimayo in the early 17th C. (1610-20). Bringing a distinct Spanish weaving tradition with them, they also brought their favorite breed of sheep to New Mexico, the Navajo-Churro or Churro. This sheep is renowned for its hardiness to extremes of climate, and is favored for its non-oily, two layer wool coat. For hundreds of years these families used wooden floor looms and the wool of the Churro sheep to create blankets, rugs and textiles to keep them warm during the cold New Mexico winters. This tradition continues today. Within the small Northern New Mexico village of Chimayo, Navajo people and descendents from the original families continue to weave beautiful textiles.

DIMENSIONS: 35" long x 30" wide.

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