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Four Chinese Books on Chinese Antiques

DESCRIPTION: Four small books written in Chinese, each relating to a different discipline of Chinese works of art. Each is richly illustrated in full color with many examples of the art forms covered. In the first photo listed here, starting at the upper left and going clockwise, is a book dedicated to bamboo arts, including brush pots, baskets and boxes. Next is a book dedicated to ink stones, from simple to elaborate. The third volume richly illustrates cinnabar lacquer pieces from the Han... Click for details

$45 for set of four

Vintage Chinese Bamboo Wrist Rest with Calligraphy

DESCRIPTION: A Chinese scholar's wrist rest crafted from reddish-brown bamboo, the surface covered with fifteen lines of finely carved, raised calligraphy citing a 1962 poem by Mao Zedong. Excellent condition. DIMENSIONS: 11" long (28 cm) x 3" wide (7.6 cm).


Large Chinese Bamboo Basket

DESCRIPTION: This wonderful Chinese bamboo basket is one of the nicest we've ever offered. Pleasing in form and expertly handcrafted, the entire basket is tightly woven from bamboo strips in various sizes, forming a pleasing design. Chinese characters are found inside the removable, cone-shaped lid. Three long bent bamboo strips form the handle. Very attractive and in excellent condition. DIMENSIONS: 24" high including handle (61 cm) x 18" diameter (45.7 cm).


Fine Chinese Gourd & Ivory Cricket Box, Qing Dy

DESCRIPTION: An exceptional gourd cricket box (or cage) with a fitted, intricately carved ivory cap. This finely molded box exemplifies the best of Chinese "gourd arts" with invisible seams, a complex design, and crisp impressions covering the body. Key-fret borders wrap around the shoulders, waist and foot with leafy floral designs between. The deeply pierced ivory lid is carved in the form of a dragon in the clouds with a flaming pearl. Rarely do we see a cricket box made with such... Click for details


Antique Chinese Ink Stick

DESCRIPTION: A long, six-sided Chinese ink stick with nicely detailed dragon and phoenix curling about the surface. Short, impressed Chinese inscriptions are found on two sides. One of the four treasures of the scholar's studio, ink sticks (or cakes) would be carefully ground by the scholar and mixed with water on an inkstone to paint calligraphy or scrolls with a brush. This black ink stick is in good antique condition. DIMENSIONS: 6 1/2" long (16.5 cm) x 1 1/4" diameter (3.2 cm).


Exceptional Tang Dynasty Pottery Camel

DESCRIPTION: A fine late Tang Dynasty (618 - 906 AD) camel, very sculptural in form, standing foursquare with head raised above a full arching neck and carrying a saddle with bags and bottles attached. Crafted from a dark, almost black clay, much of the original cold paint remains on the camel's brown body and light cream colored saddle bags. Authenticity is guaranteed; black display stand is included. DIMENSIONS: A nice table or desk top display size; 9" high (23 cm) x 9 1/4" wide (23.5... Click for details


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