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Important 16th C. Chinese Lacquered Wood Taoism Deity

DESCRIPTION: A large, museum quality, carved and lacquered Chinese sculpture of the Taoism deity Hsuan Tien Shang-ti, dating from the Ming Dynasty, c. 1500's. The Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heavens, Hsuan Tien Shang-ti is known by numerous titles within China; he is best known to foreigners and laymen as the Northern Emperor, Pei Ti (Cantonese Pak Tai) or Chen Wu.

Here he is carved in a seated posture, draped in a red lacquered robe with blue trim, his hands resting on his knees with... Click for details


Large Chinese Scholar’s Burl Brush Pot, Qing

DESCRIPTION: A handsome Chinese scholar's brush pot crafted from burl root and hollowed well to hold a number of brushes (pictured here with three quality brushes we also have listed). Its undulating form, texture and patina are striking to view, and its natural shape would have had great appeal to the Chinese scholar in his studio. Dating from the Qing dynasty, mid 19th C., this pot is in very good condition with a few inconsequential rim cracks; very solid and sturdy. DIMENSIONS: 7 3/4" high... Click for details


Chinese Carved Scroll Weight with Two Lions

DESCRIPTION: An unusual and dynamic Chinese scroll weight of two lions carved from a single slab of very dark wood (Zitan? Ebony?). The lions stand on a rectangular base with left paws touching a brocade ball, each facing opposite directions and each with fierce expression, one gazing upwards and the other looking straight ahead. The wood is very dense with a hair-like grain and purple undertones. Because of the lions' curved backs, this weight could have been used as a brush rest as... Click for details


Chinese Boxwood Coin Toggle, Qing

DESCRIPTION: A fine, large Chinese boxwood toggle in the shape of a Chinese coin with four script characters on each side surrounding the square hole. Around the edge, various plant and animal forms are carved in high relief, including a flower, bird, squirrel and bat. The suspension cord, connecting it to an object such as a tobacco pouch, would have been strung through the openings under the bat's wings. Wonderful patina, excellent condition, and dating from the 1800's or earlier. ... Click for details


Pair of Ancient Chinese Bronze Seals

DESCRIPTION: The art of Chinese seal making developed from very ancient times. First seen as molded clay stamps, bronze seals then appeared in an embryonic form in the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600 BC – 256 BC). This pair of small bronze seals are an excellent representation of the early forms of Chinese seal making. The simple square seal pictured dates from the Han dynasty or earlier (206 BC – 220 AD), while the seal with a tortoise dates from the Tang or Song Dynasty (618-1279 AD).... Click for details

$990 for the pair

Chinese Blue & White Square Porcelain Plate, Qing

DESCRIPTION: A Chinese eight-sided footed plate with raised base and blue under-glazed decorations featuring two pavilions by the water (each reversed so the plate can be viewed upright from two directions), surrounded by key-fret and floral borders. Collector's stickers on back indicate the number of the piece and the date the USA collector originally purchased it (April 14 of 1977). Excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs; small original firing flaws. DIMENSIONS: 9 7/8"... Click for details


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