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Chinese Black Lacquer Table Cabinet, 18th C.

DESCRIPTION: A small black lacquer Chinese cabinet, the front doors with male and female figures in a courtyard setting gazing onto a lake beyond. The doors are surrounded by a border of pomegranate leaves and fruit with a vase on either side. The top, back and sides are lacquered black with faint floral decorations. Originating from Shanxi Province, this box is in "all original" condition with no repairs or replacements, including the original metal door fittings. CONDITION: Has light... Click for details


Fine Chinese Huanghuali Tray, Qing

DESCRIPTION: An extraordinary Chinese tray, its rectangular form crafted from one slab of huanghuali wood that has been skillfully hollowed to expose the beautiful grain and form the graceful, curved edges. This elegant tray highlights the incredible beauty of this favored Chinese wood and virtually shimmers in the light. Excellent condition with a nice weight to it; from a private collection. DIMENSIONS: 13 1/2" wide (34.2 cm) x 9" deep (22.8 cm).


Pair of Large Chinese Pewter Tea Caddies, 19th C.

DESCRIPTION: A pair of large antique Chinese tea caddies, or canisters, each having round, bulbous bodies with eight raised panels and two hanging metal handles. Dating from 1850 - 1880, they both are topped with deep-rimmed lids with wooden knobs. These decorative, large canisters have a pleasing form and wonderful presence; both very sturdy with good, solid weight. Will make wonderful accent pieces or flower containers. CONDITION: Some minor surface blemishes, but overall in very good... Click for details

$790 for the Pair

Grand Chinese Hardwood Presentation Plaque, Dated 1817

DESCRIPTION: A large and impressive Chinese hardwood plaque, dating from the early 19th century, Qing Dynasty. This imposing plaque has four large Chinese characters carved into the center panel, with longer inscriptions in smaller characters to each side. Translated, this plaque was presented as a birthday present to a man named "Yang" in 1817 (the 21st year of the reign of Jiaqing, 1796 - 1820), and states that the honoree's life represented excellence in both virtue and longevity.... Click for details


Burmese Lacquered Dancing Nat

DESCRIPTION: A large, handsome Burmese wood sculpture of a male Nat, or nature spirit, dressed in traditional attire and engaged in a joyful dance. Such images were first carved from wood, then laboriously decorated with applications of red lacquer then gold gilt. Dating from the early 20th C., it has been mounted on a rod with square base. Please see the last photo for size comparison with our other Nat, FIG56. Although not purchased as a pair, these make wonderful companion pieces. ... Click for details


Tall Sumida Gawa Vase, Meiji

DESCRIPTION: A tall Japanese Sumida Gawa (Sumida River) vase featuring two hand molded children in high relief. The rim and neck of the vase are covered in a rich, dark flambé glaze that runs down the shoulders onto the ribbed body. Each of the children are perched on a ledge above and below a large, flat vase. The child at the top puts something in, while at the bottom of their vase we see a crack where water pours out. Signed "Ryosai" on small blue & white cartouche; excellent condition... Click for details


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