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Well Carved Antique Barong Mask from Bali, Indonesia

DESCRIPTION: A well carved and expressive Balinese Barong mask, carved entirely from a single piece of wood. This fierce looking lion-dog is considered a protector against evil. Carved with bulging eyes, flared nostrils and bared teeth, he is ready to pounce on any evil spirits that might be lurking nearby. The skill of the carver is evident in the three dimensional quality of the mask, the details of the lion's curled hair and the gilded decorations around the ears and brows. This mask is... Click for details


Remarkable Chinese Minority Tribe Batik Jacket and Vest

DESCRIPTION: A fine two piece batik jacket and matching vest by the ethnic minority tribe “Ge,” a subgroup of the Miao culture. The Ge people live along the banks of the Chong-an-jiang River in Guizhou Province and are superlative batik artisans.

For this labor intensive creation, hot wax was applied to the thick cloth in geometric designs consisting of a background of “wheels” edged in wide linear borders. The cloth was then dyed in indigo, dried, and the wax melted and washed... Click for details


Vintage Southwestern Pottery Seed Bowl

DESCRIPTION: An intricately painted Native American pottery seed pot or bowl, dating from the early to mid 20th C. (1930 - 1950). This ovoid pot is painted in concentric circular bands of geometric designs separated by red stripes on a taupe colored ground. On the bottom is written "#22 Vase Navajo Ariz," along with other collectors' identification marks and numbering systems. Very good condition, minor scuffs and pockmarks; no chips, cracks or restorations. DIMENSIONS: 5" high (12.7 cm) x 9... Click for details


Chinese Scholar’s Ink Stone in Tortoise Shell Box, Qing

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful and rarely seen scholar’s ink stone housed in a tortoise shell box. The overlaid tortoise shell has striking patterns and is in very good condition with no losses and only very minor scuffing. The interior of the box is finished in black lacquer with the surface of the fitted duan stone slightly angled to pool water at one end. Qing Dynasty, 19th C. DIMENSIONS: 5 3/8” long (13.6 cm) x 4” wide (10.2 cm) x 2 ¼” high (5.7 cm).


Large, Rare Chinese Export Famille Rose Goose, Qing

DESCRIPTION: This large and impressive Chinese porcelain goose, painted in a famille rose pallet, is seated on folded legs with upturned tail and rests on a raised, fitted wood stand. Modeled with a slightly turned head and erect wings that touch at the tips, the body is enameled in a yellow ground with a pink bat and green scrolling vine motif, the lightly molded and naturalistically marked feathers in shades of blue and green. Unmarked base but judged to be late Qianlong to Jiaqing Periods... Click for details


Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Lizard by Sergio & Hugo Santiago

DESCRIPTION: Oaxacan woodcarvings, also known as alebrijes, have been a tradition for generations in several small villages outside the capital of Oaxaca, Mexico. It has only been in the past 40 years that these beautifully carved and painted figures have become popular, and are now collected worldwide. Using rudimentary tools, these Mexican artists create fascinating figures out of fresh-cut copal wood. After drying and sanding, the carvings are meticulously painted with intricate patterns and... Click for details


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