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Chinese Porcelain Figures of Immortal Li T'ieh-kuai

DESCRIPTION: A pair of porcelain figures, each a representation of Li T'ieh-kuai, one of the Chinese eight immortals. Li T'ieh-kuai is always represented as a lame beggar leaning on a crutch with a pilgrim's gourd in hand. The Eight Immortals are legendary beings of the Taoist sect who attained immortality and dwell in the remote hills and mountains of China. Both of these figures date from C. 1900, with the larger one's inner base stamped with "China" in red ink. Both are in perfect... Click for details

$95.00 each or $190.00 for the pair

Japanese Imari Double Fish Plate, Meiji

DESCRIPTION: A Japanese Imari porcelain dish, shaped in “double fish” form and decorated in traditional Imari colors with floral designs in rust red, and fish scales and fins in royal blue. The reverse has painted florals and grasses on the four sides. Late 19th/early 20th century, and in excellent condition with no chips or restorations. DIMENSIONS: 10 ½” long (26.6 cm) x 9” wide (23 cm).


Tall Japanese Sumida Tankard, Early 20th C.

DESCRIPTION: A large and attractive Sumida Gawa tankard with a red ribbed body, graceful handle, and high relief figures of two children. A traditional flowing flambe' glaze in dark brown and beige coats the top third of the mouth and handle. Fine attention to detail has been paid to the handmade figures of children standing on ledges against the ribbed, cold painted body. On the back in blue characters is the potter's mark of Inque Ryosai, a family of three generations of potters who made... Click for details


Chinese Jin Dynasty Brown & Black Glazed Stoneware Pot

DESCRIPTION: A Jin Dynasty (1115-1234 AD) pot / container decorated with a luscious, thick black and brown glaze over a bulbous, ribbed body. Two strap handles are attached to both sides of the short neck below the flared rim. Overall very good condition with small repair to rim. DIMENSIONS: 9 ½” high (24 cm) x 8 1/2” diameter (21.5 cm).


Large Ming Dynasty Roof Tile with Carved Stand

DESCRIPTION: A beautifully mounted Chinese roof tile of a Ming warrior seated upon a horse. The bearded soldier, his right hand on his hip, sits erect upon his amber horse which stands on the curved tile base. This earthenware tile has been decorated in a sancai glaze of predominately green and amber colors. A beautifully carved custom rosewood base has been made for this large tile, the base itself probably being over 100 years old. CONDITION: Quite good condition with the usual wear one... Click for details


Chinese Carved Agate Rubbing Stone / Toggle

DESCRIPTION: A simply carved agate rubbing stone in the form of a Chinese boy carrying a ruyi. The semi-precious stone is pure white with brown inclusions that have been incorporated into the design as the boy’s cloak, hat and ruyi, which he carries on his shoulder. A small hole has been drilled through the ruyi at the back of the head for stringing and wearing from the belt as a toggle. Stones such as these were meant to held, rubbed and fondled, with this one fitting perfectly into the palm... Click for details


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