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Three Burmese Buddhist Kammawasa Manuscripts, 19th C

DESCRIPTION: Four beautifully detailed, red and gold lacquered sheets of Burmese Buddhist manuscripts describing rules of ceremony. Kammawasa are elaborately decorated manuscripts extracted from the Pali Vinaya pitaka, the monastic code of discipline which is generally read aloud at monastic assemblies. Topics covered would include formalities for the ordination of monks and the bestowal of their robes, the consecration of an ordination hall, celebrating the festival of the full moon, and other... Click for details

$495.00 for all three

Set of Three Nesting Kutani Porcelain Bowls

DESCRIPTION: A lovely graduated set of Japanese Kutani porcelain bowls, each delicately hand painted with three overlapping rectangular cartouches which reveal landscape, garden and interior scenes, highlighted with raised gilt decoration. Each bowl is signed on the base, Kutani Sei. The mark and style of this set dates it to the end of Meiji period (1868-1912), from around 1910-20. All bowls are in excellent condition, no chips or restorations.

DIMENSIONS: All three bowls nest neatly. ... Click for details

$895.00 for all three

Large Japanese Sumida Tankard, Early 20th C.

DESCRIPTION: A large and fabulous Sumida Gawa tankard with an unglazed body, graceful handle, and figures of a man and small boy in very high relief. A thick, flowing flambe' glaze in blues and brown coats the mouth and runs down the body and handle in thick drips. Fine attention to detail has been paid to the handmade figures of a seated man with a cane facing a young boy, both supported by craggy rockwork ledges. On the back in blue characters in a raised white cartouche is the potter's... Click for details


Chinese Silver Repousse Tribal Bracelet

DESCRIPTION: A charming and well executed Chinese silver tribal bracelet, the wide band framed with parallel lines between which various mythical and humorous animals cavort. Included in the hand crafted repousse processional are donkeys, fish, and a dragon vying with a foo dog for a brocade ball. This tribal bracelet comes to us from one of the mountainous Miao groups, who are well known for their beautiful silver work. Estimated to date from the first half of the 20th century and in very good... Click for details


Chinese Duan Ink Stone, Bamboo Form, Qing Dynasty

DESCRIPTION: A fine 19th C. Chinese ink stone, crisply carved in the form of a bamboo node with leaves at the top and root knobs at the bottom. A deep water well has been carved into the upper section. Natural inclusions, called "eyes," are highlighted within the duan stone's design, with one eye at the top carved to simulate the moon, and the other incorporated into the stone's grinding surface.

ABOUT DUAN INK STONES: One of the four treasures of the Chinese scholar's studio, the... Click for details


Chinese Porcelain Figures of Immortal Li T'ieh-kuai

DESCRIPTION: A pair of porcelain figures, each a representation of Li T'ieh-kuai, one of the Chinese eight immortals. Li T'ieh-kuai is always represented as a lame beggar leaning on a crutch with a pilgrim's gourd in hand. The Eight Immortals are legendary beings of the Taoist sect who attained immortality and dwell in the remote hills and mountains of China. Both of these figures date from C. 1900, with the larger one's inner base stamped with "China" in red ink. Both are in perfect... Click for details

$95.00 each or $190.00 for the pair

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