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18th Century Spanish Colonial Santo, Virgin Mary

DESCRIPTION: An exquisitely carved Spanish Colonial polychrome figure of the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven standing on a cloud-form base with attendant angels, arms outstretched, gazing reverently upward. Her face is delicately carved and particularly beautiful. Dressed in elaborate gilt robes with long flowing hair, this figure is remarkable from any angle; a rare and magnificent Santo. CONDITION: In unusually good condition considering its age; most from this period have severe losses to... Click for details


Acoma Pottery Olla with Deer, Signed Louise Amos

DESCRIPTION: A striking Acoma pottery olla with dramatic traditional graphics in white, black and orange. This greenware olla is skillfully painted in traditional designs including hatched (symbolizing rain), stepped (representing clouds) and curvilinear, with distinctive "heartline" deer figures and bold flowers. These designs speak of water, fertility, the life cycle, the earth and sky, and their interrelationships to each other. The concave bottom is signed, "Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico,... Click for details


Pair Chinese Lotus Boy Candle Pricks

DESCRIPTION: A pair of decorative, large and captivating carved wooden figures of two reclining “lotus boys,” each with a candle stand in one hand. The fat-cheeked, gilded babies are carved separately from their large lotus leaf bases, which are complete with curled edges and seed pods. In Chinese folklore, such figures represent the wish for many sons - “as many as the seeds in the lotus pod.” These large figures are absolutely charming, and would make wonderful focal points on a... Click for details

$895.00 For the pair

Southwestern Painted & Decorated Steer Skull

DESCRIPTION: A hand painted and artist signed steer skull with copper accents. The white steer skull is hand painted with Native American designs and incorporates ornamental attachments including copper plates over the eye sockets, an attached copper ring at the top of the skull, and hanging ornaments of leather strips, copper tubing and feathers. Signed and dated by artist Pat Schwartz, 1985, and titled "Flight Skull." Good condition and a perfect Southwestern accent piece. DIMENSIONS: 26... Click for details


Large Chinese Burl Sculpture of Scholar and Boy, Early Qing

DESCRIPTION: A significant Chinese sculpture featuring a Scholar with his boy attendant, carved from a large slab of burl hardwood. The undulations and knobs of the slightly curving burl slab have been beautifully incorporated into the carving, forming the scholar’s garment and top of his curled hat. The bearded scholar looks slightly upward with a pleasing expression and holds a scroll in his hands. At his side is his young attendant gazing upward with a charming smile. Naturalistic burl... Click for details


Mexican Folk Art Festival Jaguar Mask

DESCRIPTION: A colorful, expressive Mexican folk art mask of a yellow jaguar with big eyes, wide mouth and erect ears. Hand carved and painted, this mask was collected in Mexico during the 1980's by well known artist and sculptor, Steve Tobin. As the Jaguar is the only Panthera species native to the Americas, it is a popular theme for Mexican artists. The paint condition on this mask is excellent; a hole between the ears is used for hanging. DIMENSIONS: 10 1/2" high (26.7 cm) x 8" wide... Click for details


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