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Large Chinese Underglaze Blue and Red Fish Plate, Qing

An attractive antique Chinese porcelain plate, hand painted with a large, leaping blue carp with russet colored cross-hatched scales. The carp was an auspicious fish in China and a symbol of perseverance and success, often applied to success in business enterprises and state examinations. In excellent condition (no cracks, chips or hairlines), this deep-dish plate would have served as a large shallow bowl as well. Dating from the Yongzheng to Qianlong Periods (AD 1723 - 1795), this plate is... Click for details


18th C. Spanish Colonial Santo, St. Anthony with Christ Child

DESCRIPTION: An engaging Spanish Colonial carved santo figure depicting Saint Anthony holding the Christ Child. St. Anthony of Padua is perhaps one of the most loved and admired saints in the Catholic Church. Born in Portugal in 1195, he was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order who later did much of his work in Italy. Here St. Anthony is dressed in a brown friar's habit with head tilted to one side, gently holding the Christ Child in his arms. This figure, dating... Click for details


Large Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Ram, Signed Ramirez

DESCRIPTION: This dynamic and colorful Alebrije goat (or ram) is carved as if in a full run, its long front leg folded under its body in mid-stride. Two huge white horns curl from the top of its head to its ears. His green speckled body is accented with vibrant red "stripes" running down his back, tail and legs, while a purple design covers his belly. This large, delightful animal is signed on the underside, "Narcisco Gonzalez Ramirez, Arrazola, Oaxaca Oax., Mexico." Excellent condition. ... Click for details


Chinese Boxwood "Buddha's Hand" Toggle, 18th C., Qing

DESCRIPTION: An antique Chinese toggle (guajian), carved from boxwood in the form of a Buddha's hand fruit (or fingered citron), a symbol of happiness, longevity and good fortune in China. The fingered citron is unusually shaped with bright yellow fruit segmented into finger-like sections, resembling a human hand. Highly fragrant, it is used predominantly in China for perfuming rooms and personal items such as clothing. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha prefers the "fingers" of the... Click for details


19th C. Mexican Retablo, Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners

DESCRIPTION: A 19th C. Mexican retablo painting on tin of the Virgin Mary wearing a golden crown and holding a crowned Christ Child who wears a transparent robe. A scarf is drawn across Mary's right shoulder and her dark blue cape is initialed with her ciphers in gold. In this touching scene, the Christ child rests his right hand on her arm and grips her right thumb with his left hand. While this rendition of "Refugio de Pecadores" (Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners) follows the traditional... Click for details


Chinese Huanghuali Buddhist Lion Toggle, 18th C., Qing

DESCRIPTION: An appealing Chinese toggle (guajian), carved from Huanghuali wood (a hardwood similar to Rosewood) in the form of a Buddhist lion seated on a plinth with one paw placed on top of a ball. With raised tail, textured fur on his back, and brass studs decorating the eyes and each limb, this foo dog would have been used as a counterweight for a tobacco pouch or other object suspended from a belt. Displaying a luscious patina from use and handling, this little grinning lion is a real... Click for details


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