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Early Southwestern Trade Bead and Silver Necklace, C. 1920

DESCRIPTION: An early Southwestern Native American trade bead necklace with rare orange glass trade beads strung in pairs then separated by hand worked silver beads, some round with alternating pierced beads, and some with twisted silver wire set within square frames. Also included are a total of six Republica de Guatemala silver coins (two 1/2 Reals and four 1 Reals), all dated between 1900 and 1912, and one large Republica Mexicana 8 Reales with the liberty cap and starburst pattern, dated... Click for details


Acoma Black on White Kokopelli Coiled Olla, Signed M.C. Antonio

DESCRIPTION: Some of the most spectacular Acoma pottery pieces are the geometric designs rendered in black on white. This thin-walled, hand coiled olla represents the pinnacle of this category with exceptionally small squares, both white and black, forming intricate mazes across the entire surface signifying rain and lightning bolts. The pot is narrow at the base and gradually widens to the broadest section just before the taper towards the mouth. In a bold stripe from top to bottom,... Click for details


Navajo Eye Dazzler Rug

DESCRIPTION: A small Navajo rug made of handspun wool in an "Eye Dazzler" pattern of three vibrant, serrated diamonds on a bright red ground, enclosed with a double border of white and black. The Eye Dazzler, so named by early traders because of the intense coloring of the dyes, is a serrated design that was woven in multiple colors of bright aniline dyed yarns in the 1880 - 1890 period. Navajo Eye Dazzler weavings were influenced by the Mexican satillo weavings and the Germantown yarn... Click for details


Acoma Pottery Olla with Deer, Signed Louise Amos

DESCRIPTION: A striking Acoma pottery olla with dramatic traditional graphics in white, black and orange. This greenware olla is skillfully painted in traditional designs including hatched (symbolizing rain), stepped (representing clouds) and curvilinear, with distinctive "heartline" deer figures and bold flowers. These designs speak of water, fertility, the life cycle, the earth and sky, and their interrelationships to each other. The concave bottom is signed, "Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico,... Click for details


Navajo Silver Turquoise Bracelet By Henry Davis

DESCRIPTION: A stunning Navajo sterling silver Bisbee blue turquoise cuff bracelet by Navajo silver artist, Henry Davis. Ten heavenly blue cabochons are set between silver beads and scalloped silver edges which are stamped in a sunburst design. This is a truly beautiful bracelet, very wearable, and in perfect condition with no chipped stones. The inside is hallmarked "HD" and stamped "Sterling." If you desire a bracelet with matching necklace, see the last two photos where this bracelet is... Click for details


Navajo Sterling & Turquoise Necklace, Signed John Delvin

DESCRIPTION: A lovely sterling silver necklace consisting of three silver feathers, each terminating in a leaf and flower design and each attached to a natural, light blue turquoise cabochon with brown matrix (veining) centered between them. Very attractive, perfect condition, excellent workmanship and very wearable. Signed: "D" (John Delvin, master Navajo silversmith). See the last photo showing this necklace with other pieces from our Native American jewelry collection. DIMENSIONS: 18"... Click for details


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