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Fine Mexican Tlaquepaque / Tonala Pottery Pitcher, c 1920’s

DESCRIPTION: A vintage terra cotta pitcher (or handled pot), skillfully hand-painted in green and white glazes with deer painted on each side using fluid brush strokes. Originating from the Tlaquepaque-Tonala area of Mexico, this delightful redware pitcher is in excellent condition; no chips or cracks. DIMENSIONS: Body is 6.25” x 5.5”; 5” high.


Large Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Ram, Signed Ramirez

DESCRIPTION: This dynamic and colorful Alebrije goat (or ram) is carved as if in a full run, its long front leg folded under its body in mid-stride. Two huge white horns curl from the top of its head to its ears. His green speckled body is accented with vibrant red "stripes" running down his back, tail and legs, while a purple design covers his belly. This large, delightful animal is signed on the underside, "Narcisco Gonzalez Ramirez, Arrazola, Oaxaca Oax., Mexico." Excellent condition. ... Click for details


Southwestern Painted & Decorated Steer Skull

DESCRIPTION: A hand painted and artist signed steer skull with copper accents. The white steer skull is hand painted with Native American designs and incorporates ornamental attachments including copper plates over the eye sockets, an attached copper ring at the top of the skull, and hanging ornaments of leather strips, copper tubing and feathers. Signed and dated by artist Pat Schwartz, 1985, and titled "Flight Skull." Good condition and a perfect Southwestern accent piece. DIMENSIONS: 26... Click for details


Mexican Folk Art Festival Jaguar Mask

DESCRIPTION: A colorful, expressive Mexican folk art mask of a yellow jaguar with big eyes, wide mouth and erect ears. Hand carved and painted, this mask was collected in Mexico during the 1980's by well known artist and sculptor, Steve Tobin. As the Jaguar is the only Panthera species native to the Americas, it is a popular theme for Mexican artists. The paint condition on this mask is excellent; a hole between the ears is used for hanging. DIMENSIONS: 10 1/2" high (26.7 cm) x 8" wide... Click for details


Oaxacan Folk Art Alebrije Lizard by Sergio & Hugo Santiago

DESCRIPTION: Oaxacan woodcarvings, also known as alebrijes, have been a tradition for generations in several small villages outside the capital of Oaxaca, Mexico. It has only been in the past 40 years that these beautifully carved and painted figures have become popular, and are now collected worldwide. Using rudimentary tools, these Mexican artists create fascinating figures out of fresh-cut copal wood. After drying and sanding, the carvings are meticulously painted with intricate patterns and... Click for details


Pair of South American Carved Wood Stirrups, Early 19th C.

DESCRIPTION: A classic and quite old pair of hand carved South American wood stirrups. The Guacho of Argentina, the Morochucos of Peru and the Hauso of Chile all preferred large wooden "shoes" for use as stirrups rather than the more prevalent iron stirrup. These stirrups cover the whole front of the foot, which can be an advantage when riding through tall brush. This pair has good age and obvious usage; we estimate them to date from the early 1800's. Each shoe is carved from a single piece... Click for details

$385 for the Pair

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