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Complete Japanese Lacquer Suzuri-bako Writing Box, Meij

DESCRIPTION: A skillfully lacquered suzuri-bako (writing box) from the Meiji Period, early 1900’s. The lid of the rectangular box is decorated with a takamakie floral design in gold, silver and shu (a hue of red-orange) lacquer on a black ro-iro ground. The interior of the lid and box are sprinkled in a nashiji cloud motif. This suzuri-bako is a complete set, fitted with the original water dropper and inkstone and its original kiri (paulownia) wood box with inscription. Excellent... Click for details


Chinese Black Lacquer Table Cabinet, 18th C.

DESCRIPTION: A small black lacquer Chinese cabinet, the front doors with male and female figures in a courtyard setting gazing onto a lake beyond. The doors are surrounded by a border of pomegranate leaves and fruit with a vase on either side. The top, back and sides are lacquered black with faint floral decorations. Originating from Shanxi Province, this box is in "all original" condition with no repairs or replacements, including the original metal door fittings. CONDITION: Has light... Click for details


Burmese Lacquered Dancing Nat

DESCRIPTION: A large, handsome Burmese wood sculpture of a male Nat, or nature spirit, dressed in traditional attire and engaged in a joyful dance. Such images were first carved from wood, then laboriously decorated with applications of red lacquer then gold gilt. Dating from the early 20th C., it has been mounted on a rod with square base. Please see the last photo for size comparison with our other Nat, FIG56. Although not purchased as a pair, these make wonderful companion pieces. ... Click for details


Chinese Leather Document Chest

DESCRIPTION: A handsome rectangular Chinese chest crafted from a deep red ox leather and furnished with brass fittings. The interior still has the original blue silk lining and would have originally held scrolls or documents. Today it would make an attractive accent piece on top or underneath a cabinet or table. Good condition with some scuffing on edges; blue silk interior has some stains and small holes. This chest originated from Zhejiang Province and dates from 1920-1940. DIMENSIONS: ... Click for details


Important 16th C. Chinese Lacquered Wood Taoism Deity

DESCRIPTION: A large, museum quality, carved and lacquered Chinese sculpture of the Taoism deity Hsuan Tien Shang-ti, dating from the Ming Dynasty, c. 1500's. The Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heavens, Hsuan Tien Shang-ti is known by numerous titles within China; he is best known to foreigners and laymen as the Northern Emperor, Pei Ti (Cantonese Pak Tai) or Chen Wu.

Here he is carved in a seated posture, draped in a red lacquered robe with blue trim, his hands resting on his knees with... Click for details


Fine Chinese Scholar's Lacquer Calligraphy Brush

DESCRIPTION: A handsome scholar's calligraphy brush, crafted from a wood shaft that has been beautifully lacquered in a swirling, wave-like pattern of red and black lacquer. The lacquer shaft is connected to the natural bristle brush by a bulbous wood ferrule. One of the four treasures of the scholar’s studio, this striking scholar’s brush would have made an attractive companion to a fine brush pot. Very good condition; most likely dating from 1900 - 1930. DIMENSIONS: 15 1/2" long... Click for details


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